Keep Your Healthy Gums Strong

You can’t help but be relieved when you hear the news that you have healthy gums and teeth and so far there is no sign of gum disease or other problems. That is definitely good news. Don’t get too busy celebrating that you forget to take the necessary steps to continue to safeguard your gum health. Before problems pop up is the time to brush up your gum health facts and be on the lookout for any unpleasant changes with your mouth and gums. Here are a few of the warning signs you should be aware of in terms of gingivitis and periodontal disease as well as other gum risks. This information could be all that stands in between you and future good gum and teeth health.


  • the bad breath threat
  • what about canker sores
  • natural gum disease prevention


Just about everyone has the occasional bout with bad breath, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is something wrong with your gums. However if you are noticing that you have chronic bad breath that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with what you had for lunch, bad breath bacteria may be the culprit. Your best course of action is to schedule an appointment with your dentist. He or she will be able to determine if the bad breath is a symptom of gum disease and be able to perform the needed gingivitis treatment before things get any worse.


Canker sores are another concern that leads people to believe causes periodontal problems. The truth is canker sores have nothing to do with permanent gum problems like gum disease. if you have the occasional or even frequent problem with canker sores, you do need to find a good canker sore treatment. Rinsing with salt water and keeping the area clean seems to help with these painful little ulcers. Other than that, canker sores don’t mean treating periodontal disease is in your future.


You learned the best steps for gum disease prevention and ensuring healthy gums a long time ago. Those same words of advice about brushing your teeth twice a day and making flossing part of your dental hygiene routine are still important today. With all of the new information about the risks associated with regular toothpaste, you may want to consider an all natural product like OraMD for your dental hygiene needs. The healing properties found in these essential oils have been shown to reduce sore gums and promote healing.



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