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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.




“…my gums better than before”

Hi! I bought OraMD when my gums were hurting and then about a month later when I went to the dentist, I got the reaction that you promised on the web site. The hygenist wanted to know what I was doing different, because it had been 9 months since I had come in and not only were my gums better than before, I didn’t have the amount of plaque she expected. I told her about OraMD and she said she’d look it up.


Thank you!


“The best product I have ever found in my 50 years…”

I love your product. And would be happy to give any testimonials you need or desire. Although I have always been very healthy and aggressive in my oral care, I feel this is the best product I have ever found in my 50 years on this planet. Good luck to you and yours.



Gloria W.

“my gums don’t bleed, my breath is fresh, my gums look healthier”

I have been using your product for about 45 days but within the first week I noticed that the painful sensation I had from the pressure of biting down or chewing food was gone. My teeth actually ached after eating or if I tried to chew gum.


I was very close to loosing my front teeth and from the xrays I could see that I had no bone support to stabelize them. They were loose enough to move with my tongue. The experts I consulted gave me no options but to pull the worst teeth, and start making partials, etc. I wasn’t ready to even consider that option yet.


It was after hearing what was in store that I started to look for a miracle to save my teeth. I found your product and began to use it, my gums don’t bleed, my breath is fresh, my gums look healthier and I still have all my teeth in spite of the dentist. Barring any emergency, I’ll see the dentist again in 6 months and let you know how far I’ve come.



L Coggins

“…my mouth feel so much cleaner”

I was told in November I needed to have scaling done because of gum disease. This would have been at least $400. I love my dentist but this particular hygenist was very cold (probably judgemental) and I decided to try some things on my own. Just had another cleaning this past week and a different hygenist commented that I had very little plaque. However, there was still considerable bleeding and because I still was not opting for the scaling they had my sign a disclaimer or waiver. While my dentist (who I still love) was attempting to explain why they had patients sign this, I interjected, “to cover your butt”, which he agreed with. I am continuing use of the the OraMD with another cleaning scheduled in June. I’m hoping that by then things will be cleared up. To be fair to OraMD, I probably had a pretty bad case and while I think the surface problems were eliminated quickly, it’s going to take a while for the deeper tissue. However, I have to agree with you and others that this stuff initially AWFUL taste. But after a few minutes even in the beginning it left my mouth feeling so much cleaner. Now the taste is still moderately bad but I do really like having my mouth feel so much cleaner.


I’ll left you know after June what the status is.


“We love this product. Thank you.”

I am thrilled with OraMD. My husband and 2 children (ages 8 and 12) started using it also. We threw out all of our toothpastes. The first day or two, the feeling is intense but so worth it. My daughter who never wanted to brush her teeth at night, can’t wait to do so because of the wonderful clean feeling and taste it leaves in your mouth.


I will know more after our next dentist visit in about 3 months, but fully expect to get a great report. My dentist confirmed that the biggest challenge with gum disease is the bacteria in our mouths and if OraMD is dealing with that as expected, I now I’ll get a good report.


We love this product. Thank you.



“My gums are much healthier looking…”

Hi. Just wanted to let you know that the OramMD is working well. My gums are much healthier looking, and the slight gum recession and small pocket aren’t nearly as noticeable. Please send me your address once again so that I can order another bottle. Thanks for your product and help that you’ve provided.


Wes O

“Thank you oralmd”

Thank you oralmd. My gums have changed in only four weeks.

They have a pretty and healthy pink color instead of their nasty bleeding red.



“…helped me get out the house ,remove the stress, and live life happy.”

Another thing you might want add as far as using your product. I have reduced the eating of candy,meat products to help as well.Fish,chicken are ok but i have cut the meat totally.Protein can be an intake from other foods.Candy,maybe once in blue but you want the bacteria to suffer not to feed.Thank you for this product which helped me get out the house ,remove the stress, and live life happy.


mike c

“I am a Registered Nurse…happy to add OraMD to my regimen…”

I just wanted to thank you for your product and your innovative thinking about oralcare the natural way. I am a Registered Nurse who has seen how horribly wrong western medicine has gone. I do not take any drugs for any ailments. I treat all health problems with essential oils, supplements and proper nutrition. Similarly, I only use all natural beauty products and toiletries. I am happy to add OraMD to my regimen of natural health care and prevention.



Juliet M

“…had immediate results.”

Thank you for the information. I used the product this morning as per instructions and had immediate results. I will share this information to my family and friends.


Again thank you.

A Banks


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