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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.




“Now I can floss and no sign of bleeding.”

Since I started using OraMD back in June my gums feel & look 100% better the bleeding has stopped…my gums where so bad that they would bleed while brushing and after flossing, now I can floss and no sign of bleeding. I had a area of my mouth that when I sucked on that area I would pit out blood not anymore!!! I try to use OraMD two or three times a day, I just started keeping it in my pocket as a reminder. I use it as a breath freshener during the day just drop one or two drops and it really freshens.


Let me tell you that I had became frustrated with the dentist and other mouth hygiene products because nothing was working to control my bad breath and the bleeding. So I searched the internet for a solution and that’s how I found OraMD now it’s been 4 months using it and I am very pleased and thankful. Products don’t always do what they claim, but I know that OraMD has worked wonderfully for me and the people whom I have told about it.


I want to share this with others who may be suffering like myself, not only to make money but to help them with their situation, so I increased my efforts to advertise OraMD and it seems to be working. If you have some marketing tools that would assist me please let me know and I’ll see if I can implement it.


P.S. By not using a toothpaste my teeth are just as white and clean using OraMD.


Best Regards,

Early T

“My mouth has never felt so clean”

I bought OraMD because my husband has been diagnosed with gum disease. I’m using it myself because my teeth weren’t always in good condition either. I have been using OraMD for roughly a week, and for the first time am anxious to see my dentist! I admit, the taste was intense the first day, but I toughed it out. My mouth has never felt so clean-almost as if it had been bleached. (It sounds gross, but that’s the only way I can describe the sanitary feel.)


I have a front tooth that either has a blemish or a thick buildup of plaque that even dental cleaning can’t remove. It was gone after the first time I used OraDent.


An added benefit of using OraMD: I’m cutting down on snacking between meals (which will translate into losing weight) because I don’t want to lose the clean feeling.


I can’t wait until my six-month checkup next month. If the dentist asks what I’ve been using, I’ll tell him. I’ll post here again to share the diagnosis for both me and my husband. It’s more expensive than supermarket toothpaste, I admit, but a lot less expensive than costly dental work!



“…and it has already helped her so much.”

I am writing to you to tell you how wonderful this company and this product is. I have been very impressed with the contact you have kept with your customers, sending emails to help improve their help and showing your latest findings.


But that is not the main reason I am writing. My mother has only had OraMD a week, and it has already helped her so much. She thought she had gums beyond any repair and I cannot begin to tell you how extensive her fear of the dentist is. The condition of her gums created such a deep depression in her that it would just tear me apart. In only week, she says her gums feel tighter and I can see that they are already pinker. She is already planning to order another bottle ASAP and never wants to be without it again.


God bless you.

name: Cindy

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I’ve been using it two to three times a day for the past week. I am noticing some positive changes, including my jawbone feeling more “solid.” I can’t be sure (it’s only been a little over a week) but I think my gums are growing also. It’s a little scary to take the chance of using only this product when you’re fighting gum disease, but I’m certainly giving it a try!


“I’m happier and more carefree”

Yes, I did recieve my order. And let me tell you, I’m a happy camper. Your product is amazing. I have new confindence in myself. I’m happier and more carefree. I’m not afraid to talk to people now.


Thank you so much,

Reginald S

“I actually felt the effects right away.”

I wanted to tell you that I am quite pleased with the effects, and so fast. Only two weeks. I actually felt the effects right away.


My teeth feel clean throughout the day, and night. My breath is cleaner and it has basically healed a small area of gum that was at the beginning stage of gingivitis and recession.


Thank you.


“…and works, better than anything on market.”

Great product, am glad I was able to find a breath freshner that is all organic, and works, better than anything on market.


Thank You, Kathleen D


“After one week of OraMD, the bleeding eventually stopped”

Dear Trusted Health Products,


I was extremely glad to find out that your products worked just wonderfully! I had bleeding gums, but after one week of using OraMD, the bleeding reduced and eventually stopped! I’ll highly recommend your products to all my friends! Thank you!



“I was so supprised after 30 days”

I just love it!!! My gums have already stop bleeding in a short period of time. I was so supprised after 30 days I could see the results. I hope more people with bleeding gums will use this product. IT WORKS!!!!!!!



“I found ORAMd. Frankly…didn’t believe it.”

I have been facing the Periodontist for a few weeks now. I have periodontal disease in some of my back teeth. I am totally disappointed that NO dentist has ever told me about this pre-disposition, or how to prevent it! Why? Fortunately, searching for some “good news” on the web, I found ORAMd. Frankly…didn’t believe it. I did, out of desperation, order 1 bottle and try it, exactly as you suggest. To my amazement, the first thing that I noticed was that my teeth seemed to be much less sensitive to cold or hot. Strange, but not in my head. The stuff is strong, but not overbearing. My mouth definitely feels cleaner. after about a week, I noticed that my gums were much, much more pink in color than before. Now, after 2 weeks, the slight bleeding that I was experiencing near one tooth is slowly but surely subsiding.My MOUTH…just feels healthier. I believe that ORAMd. works. One important observation:

I happen to use a CLEAR glass cup to rinse my mouth with water. (Not when I use ORAMd. however!) I noticed that there was a definite FILM inside the glass. It was very sticky, and oily. The FILM…was from me mixing a few drops of ORAMd. in a little water to make the mouthwash. Even hot water had a hard time removing it. It took detergent! The theory about the “oils” in ORAMd. infiltrating and sticking for a long time in your mouth….is very true. One last thing. I feel that rinsing with ORAMd. for a minute or even longer is much more beneficial before bed than just 30 seconds. I’m not totally convinced yet…but I’m sure getting there! It’s only been 2 weeks, and you openly suggest 3 months. We’ll see!

Ray J


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