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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.




“No more bleeding gums or plaque build up, just a white smile.”

I can’t believe that something so simple and natural can work this well. My mouth feels 100% better. No more bleeding gums or plaque build up, just a brite white smile. I will spread the word, ORAmd works.




“Teeth do feel stronger and my gums have stopped hurting.”

I have been using OraMD for awhile now and I must say that my teeth do feel stronger and my gums have stopped hurting. My teeth are definitely whiter and I am still working on the pockets of gum recession. I do have to try to watch my habit of brushing too hard but whereas with ordinary toothpaste I did not feel my teeth were clean enough, hence the harder brushing, it is not necessary to bear down hard with the OraMD. It is powerful stuff and boy do my teeth and gums feel refreshed and clean.


Thank you,

Susan A

“I have been trying to switch to natural products”

I am very pleased with OraMD. I have been trying to switch to natural products that don’t have chemical and still does a good job. You product meets all of those requirements. It makes my mouth feel cleaner than when I use toothpaste.


Cindy S

“I do believe my gums are a healthier color.”

I do believe my gums are a healthier color. The dentist thought they were better because of a rinse she gave me, but I believe its because of your oramd. I would like info on your testing of products for fibromyalgia [daughter has this] and high blood pressure study[I have] acid reflux, and psoriasis products. thank you.


Judy C

“…within an hour the redness and soreness was gone.”

All I can say is wow!


It arrived at a good time, I had one of my inflammed sore spots and after using OraMD, within an hour the redness and soreness was gone. I have to say the stuff is very strong when you first use it but the fresh taste it leaves behind is great.

I have given a bottle to my sister to try. She has gum disease and has had the surgery taking skin from the roof of your mouth and grafting it over the receding gum areas, very painful). She has to be very meticulous with her teeth cleaning but every time she sees the speciliast, the hygienist tells her that she still has too much plaque buildup! I will be interested in her reports now, if she continues to use this product.



So glad I found your site!



“Actually finally I love brushing my teeth again”

Just love the taste, the freshness. Actually finally I love brushing my teeth again…and my teeth feel again like they belong to me, not like some foreign objects in my mouth…I am sure I will keep using this product, see not a single reason why not. I love it. Now if it will also reduce a couple of deep pockets I have, then it really is all one can ask for. But even if it does not help my body to rebuild itslef, by itself, the product is great for daily use, nothing I have ever tried comes even close to it. I am so happy I have found your website while on one of my searches…and I did decide to give it a try. Thank you for a great product…I have no clue why anyone who knows about this product would want to keep using toothpaste ever again.



“The soreness has now completely gone…”

I am still on my first bottle, but my mouth appears to be getting better and better. The reason I looked for something was that above my right eye tooth I had a large area of exposed tooth, like a hole, and then it felt raw right up towards my nose. This seemed to happen all at once – at least that I noticed it was too sore to brush and then looked at it.


The soreness has now completely gone and I think the hole is closing. Two other areas in my mouth that would give me problems from time to time because of their situation have not bothered me and another tooth that is waiting for a root canal is barely sensitive.


Hopefully all these situations will continue to improve.


My friend, Marlene, and her husband have also been using the product and she has just ordered 7 more bottles because some of her sorority friends wanted to try it. I started her out with product I ordered on my credit card and I just put in another order from my computer on her credit card.


Thank you so much.


“We absolutely love the product”

OraMD has been a GodSend… Did I create a new word there? At any rate, we absolutely love the product. My 8 yo daughter & my 10 yo son request the product daily. I never liked tooth paste and have used a mixture of baking soda & peroxide to brush my teeth for at least a decade or more – now with OraMD I have something thats taste better, that gets better results. I have started a niece and her family to use OraMD out of Charlottesville VA also. We love OraMD and it works, period!!! I am a customer for life… Thanks.


I received the order and I am delighted with the product.


“Impressed with all of the support and information…”

I just received my order this morning and although I haven’t even tried the product yet I am very impressed with all of the support and information I am receiving from your company just since ordering! I usually have to do so much research on the web to find info, but you are sending it directly to me and I love it!


Thanks again!

white light,


“Improved the overall condition of my mouth!”

Since I have been using ORAMD, I have noticed less gum bleeding. I have an upper partial and it seems to irritate the gum. But, the bleeding has definetly decreased. Also, I have much, much less plaque. That is a real plus. I did have one tooth in the back that had apretty deep pocket on the inside of the tooth. That pocket has shrunk considerably. So there you have it. I am convinced this product has improved the overall condition of my mouth!


Sue B


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