OraMD Testimonials

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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.




“It’s minty taste is pretty lively.”

I love your product. I’ve order three bottles. What I particularly like is the pick up or lift I receive when I use it. It’s minty taste is pretty lively. And if you are into aromatherapy — I’d be inclined to say it’s uplifting. I’d order it again.



“Such a clean feeling; refreshing.”

I did receive my order and am thrilled; even in the first two days, what a difference! Such a clean feeling; refreshing. I don’t have any gum disease or anything. I was just looking for an all-natural product! I will, of course, be telling everyone I know. What a great product!!!! Thanks again!



“The Oral drops are also convenient for work!”

Before OraMD- I didn’t realize how much bad things there was in toothpaste. I thought it was suppose to help me! All I got was my mouth dry in the middle of the night. A bad after taste in the middle of the night! Problems actually get worse by using it. Not anymore! That’s when I decided to take the power of the internet into my own hands. I ran cross your web by looking for alteratives for fixing by teeth problems. Very happy I did!


The Oral drops are also convenient for work! Simple and quick and slick! Brushing your teeth at work can be impractical! Drop a few drops of OralMD after lunch and your breath is golden! I also sleep better now that my mouth is lubricanted with my own saliva instead being dry as a bone!


So Far OraMD has been very helpful. Keeping my dental problems at bay.


Kevin K

“I love this product!”

Thank you. These are great tips. I love this product! I just ordered and received 3 more bottles.



“I have a fairly bad case of Periodontal Disease…”


To the chase. I have been using the ORAMD on my teeth and it appears to me to be making an improvement in their health. I have a fairly bad case of Periodontal Disease and the ORAMD seems to have really helped. I am awaiting the result of my next dental checkup next month before making a final judgment on the affects. Nothing I tried prior to the ORAMD had made much difference in the health of my teeth. Hopefully I will get an improvement this checkup. I will let you know the results of my checkup once it is done. By the way, whether there is an improvement in my periodontal disease or not, I will continue to use the ORAMD because it really makes my teeth feel clean and fresh.



“I have for years experienced recurring gingivitis.”

My short testimonial about Ora MD is that I have for years experienced recurring gingivitis. On my last visit to my dentist, he commented that he had never seen my mouth look so good and my gums so healthy. For that I am very grateful!


Many blessings,


“That ‘crack’ and soreness completely disappeared.”

I have been very pleased with OraMD thus far. Before I began using it, I had noticed a slight receding of my gums in one particular area, and it seemed as though my gums in that area were developing a bit of a ‘crack’ in them that was slightly sore. That ‘crack’ and soreness completely disappeared in a matter of one week of using OraMD, and my gums look and feel completely healthy. I never worry about having bad breath, as the OraMD is so refreshing and really seems to be getting rid of the bacteria that cause bad breath. I’m so pleased to have discovered the natural healing power of such simple, natural ingredients. I will definitely continue to use OraMD regularly. No more toothpastes or mouthwashs with funky complicated ingredient lists. Yay!


Thanks a lot!


“I definitely noticed improvement in my mouth.”

OraMD is great. The first few times I used OraMD it was strong but from there on it’s been wonderful. I definitely noticed improvement in my mouth. My gums started to feel healthier. Best of all, OraMD makes my teeth and mouth feel fresh and clean. OraMD is a great product and it’s pure.



“I had a sensitive area… that I avoided with the toothbrush.”

I started using OraMD about a month ago. At the time I had a sensitive area in my mouth that I avoided with the toothbrush. Shortly after I began using OraMd, I no longer had the sensitive area and could brush my teeth normally.


Dottie Howell

“Your product got a higher approval than you can imagine.”

Your product got a much higher approval than you can imagine. I will recommend it to all that this product is appropriate for as well as use it by me. Now a word of caution. The pharmaceutical companies are getting ready to try to discredit as many naturalists as they can. They do have deep pockets and it will be prudent to be ready to defend one’s product. Best wishes in the business.


Ed, California


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