OraMD Testimonials

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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.




“There is a drastic change”

Do you happen to have any other specials for OraMD at this time? I have used one bottle and broke my second bottle and all of its contents ran out. This product has been very helpful to me in getting my gums healthy again. There is a drastic change in the way that my gums look and feel and they seem to be much healthier after using one bottle of OraMD. Thank you!



“Plaque has decreased significantly on my teeth!”

I have noticed that the plaque has decreased significantly on my teeth! My gums are feeling better too. This product came at just the right time for me. I was really worrying about my gum health and now I feel much better about my oral health!


Thank you,

Myra A., CA


Been using Oral-MD for about two months my dentist was impressed with the condition of my gums since my last visit. They are looking much heather teeth are whiter and breath is fresher. I WILL NEVER BE WITHOUT ORAL-MD.


W. W., NY

“Makes my mouth “sparkle” and feel refreshed.”

It is a super dynamite product that now makes my mouth “sparkle” and feel refreshed. It took some getting use to, as it’s quite potent! By now I’ve gotten use to it. Good luck with all future sales.


Sincerely, Michael Spack

“My dentist was about to send me to an Orthodontist”

OraMD has work better than I had hope for. At the time I place my order my dentist was about to send me to an Orthodontist for extensive gum treatment of gingivitis. Since using OraMD I no longer have to endure this costly procedure. I will be making another order to use sparingly to ensure that my dental problems will not return.


Name withheld by request

“Much less bleeding than before and less plaque”

I was at the dentist today for my 6 month check up. The hygenist was quite impressed with what she saw and wanted to know the name of the product I was using. She was very surprised when I said I wasn’t using toothpaste anymore. She said that they had a number of patients who were interested in natural products. Then the dentist came in and it was obvious that he was a little more close minded than she. I’m going to follow up with her and give her some information. Since I had only been using OraMD since January (and then missed a month or so between orders) I wasn’t sure if there would be any visible results. I know I have had much less bleeding than before and less plaque build up. It was good to hear it from her, as I didn’t tell her that I was doing anything different until she was done the cleaning. Thanks for a great product.


Bill Nicholson

“…and i can tell you this product works !”

I do not have a dental provider all though i went to the dentist about 1 year , and everything was fine but i started useing the ormad product about 3 to 4 months ago and i can tell you this product works !!!! my gums are not red anymore and they do not bleed anymore this product not only helps your teeth and gum’s but it will give you fresh breath, I plane on ordering more in the future.


Danny Black

“It is already firming up my gums.”

Just wanted to let you know that I have received your product OraMDtm in the month of February Monday and it is now Thursday. I have been using this product for three days now and feel that it is already firming up my gums. I have had dental surgery for pockets but my mouth also products extra plaque and I have a hard time keeping on top of it. When I go to my hygienist she always asks me if I have tried really hard with the brushing and flossing. So I hope that my next appointment will bring a pleasant surprise to me and to her because I have tried everything on the market and this products seems to be working already in three days.


Sally B. England

A happy Customer

“My gums have cleared up.”

Thank you for your product. I have been having problems with my gums as long as I can remember, but after taking two bottles of your product, my gums have cleared up. Thanks are not enough.


Mary from Maryland

“Thank you so much for virtually saving me.

I didn’t want to reveal my depression with total strangers, but both gentlemen are so natural and genuine that if I ever get enough money for a website I’ll be the best distributor around. Thank you so much for

virtually saving me. I’m glad I found this wonderful product.


Sharon Q.


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