Choosing a Treatment for Gum Disease

When you hear the words gum disease and the dentist is talking about you, one of the first things that is going to through your head after the images of you without teeth fade, is which treatment for gum disease are you going to need. Try not to panic too much, the dental community has devised all sorts of ways to reestablish good gum health and fight gingivitis effectively. The most important task for you in all of this is to listen to your dentist’s advice and follow through on your after care instructions. Gum disease used to be the end of road for adult teeth. Fortunately that is no longer the case. Here is a brief look at a couple of the gum disease treatments that are commonly used.


  • scaling and root planting
  • pocket reduction procedure
  • using natural ingredients for healing infection


The thing about periodontal disease is that the earlier it is treated the more effective and simple the treatment method will be. In some cases minor gum disease can be eliminated with a deep cleaning of the teeth and gums. If that isn’t going to be enough the dentist may choose to use a scaling and root planting procedure. This is a whole lot less complicated that it sounds. First the dentist will remove all traces of infection through cleaning. He or she will then smooth over any rough edges left by the infection on the surface of the teeth. The purpose is to encourage the gums to grow back over the surface of the teeth where they belong.


There are gum disease cases that need something a bit more strong to work. Like with scaling and root planting, the pocket reduction procedure is used to eliminate any gingivitis infection from the mouth. Root planting may be done as well. This is where the plan deviates a bit. The dentist will flush out any pockets along the gum line and be sure to remove all infection. Like with the above mentioned method, pocket reduction is done to help the gums grow back into their original positions.


Another treatment for gum disease that is gaining popularity is replacing standard, store bought toothpaste with dental products containing only natural ingredients. Dental products like OraMD are being used as a cure for gum disease and by people with healthy mouths to make sure they stay that way.



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