Treating Pale Gums

Most of us don’t have the time to sit around and think about the color of our gums. It just doesn’t seem all that important. It’s not like wondering if your eye or hair color is attractive, they are your gums for goodness sakes. However if you notice that you have pale gums, you might want to decide to pay a bit more attention. Healthy gums appear pink and full, kind of like a nice set of lips. If you have lost color in the soft tissue of your mouth, a visit to the dentist is definitely in order especially if there are other symptoms like chronic bad breath or sensitive gums to go along with it. Dental disease is a very real threat and you should seek dental help as soon as possible. Here is some more information on the common dental problems to help you out until you can get to the dentist’s office.


  • receding gum prevention
  • eliminate bad breath
  • treat receding gums naturally and safely


Most people think if they use one of the leading toothpaste brands occasionally, everything will be just fine. It isn’t until that strategy backfires that they stop to consider that maybe gum disease prevention is a little more in depth than all that. You should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day and every meal or snack is actually better if you can swing it. Seeing your dentist for preventative care and professional cleanings is one of the most overlooked gum disease prevention measures there are.


Using mouthwash is one way to get rid of bad breath. Of course you have to be sure you are using the right type. Many commercially made mouthwash products have alcohol as one of the first listed ingredients. Alcohol is a drying agent. The bacteria that cause gum disease and pale gums loves dry environments. It’s probably pretty clear that you need dental products that don’t contain alcohol to actually help your mouth stay healthy and disease free. You can also help with bad breath prevention by staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water.


If you want to treat your pale gums and gum disease naturally and safely, forget about the toothpaste for everyday use. You need an all natural product that can work as an herbal mouthwash as well as clean your teeth and gums. OraMD is more than ready for the challenge and is great to treat bad breath. While you wait for the answer to the what is gum disease question, you can start on the road to good dental health now.



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