Natural Gum Disease Treatment Options

It isn’t unusual to receive a gum disease diagnosis and feel a moment’s panic. Most people see visions of uncomfortable dentures and other dental apparatuses irritating their mouths and forever changing the appearance of their smiles. This bleak scenario certainly doesn’t have to come to pass. You can find a gum disease treatment with the help of your dentist that will eliminate the gum disease bacteria and have you in a position to reclaim your formally healthy teeth and gums. The earlier you seek gum disease treatment, the easier the problem is to correct. Here are a few of the treatments for gum disease that are possible.


  • scaling and root planting
  • the pocket reduction procedure
  • using natural dental products for soothing and cleaning the mouth


In some cases gum disease can be treated with very little fuss or worry. For some people it is as simple as undergoing an incredibly deep cleaning of the teeth and gums followed by taking an antibiotic prescribed by the dentist. If that isn’t going to be enough, your dentist may recommend a procedure known as scaling and root planting. Of course this includes deeply cleaning the teeth and gums to eliminate any trace of bacteria or infection. Any damaged surfaces of the teeth are then smoothed over to encourage the gums to grow back into their original positions.


For more in depth cases of severe periodontal disease, you and your dentist may decide to use a pocket reduction procedure. Most people familiar with moderate to severe gum disease is already aware that white or gray pockets of infection often form along the gum line. After a thorough teeth and gum cleaning, your dentist will inject a special topical antibiotic into the infection pockets in an attempt to heal them. Like with the other procedure, the goal is to promote the healing of the gums.


There is always a better to take care of yourself and your gum disease treatment is no different. Commercially made toothpaste and mouthwash is often full of potentially damaging ingredients. They are irritating to the enamel of the teeth and dangerous to the soft tissue of the mouth. For healthy teeth and gums, you would be much better off with an all natural product like OraMD. It is chock full of pure, essential oils from the mint and citrus families. It is also very soothing to skin damaged by gum disease.



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