About Periodontal Gum Disease

Lots of people think they have the potential of dental problems firmly under control. They brush their teeth every day and see their dentist when they are supposed to. That should pretty much cover the basic need to prevent gingivitis right? Periodontal gum disease is one of those things that can sneak up on an unsuspecting person and create a great deal of havoc in their dental health. It is imperative to know the early warning signs of gingivitis and periodontal disease. You should also be aware of more in depth prevention methods and which types of dental products are best for your periodontal health. Before your dental check up comes back with a surprise you would rather not have, take a close look at preventing the bad breath disease.


  • the picture of gum disease
  • prevent bad breath and other gum disease symptoms
  • choosing from among the brands of toothpaste


If you have never come face to face with severe gum disease before, that picture can be a bit of a shock. Try to imagine gums with white or gray pockets of infection visible. Better yet, you can view pictures of severe cases online on a variety of reputable sites. Along with pockets of infection, this common dental disease also causes extremely sensitive gums and chronic bad breath. It isn’t unusual for the receding gums symptom to cause adult teeth to become loose or even for lost teeth to occur. Gum disease is the leading cause of adults with dentures and this condition is completely preventable.


As we have mentioned, bad breath is one of the most embarrassing symptoms of gum disease. The good news is anything you do to improve the situation of one symptom will automatically improve the overall gum disease situation. You know you have to brush and floss your teeth as well as see the dentist for check ups and treatment. Especially with bad breath and dry mouth, you will also want to increase the amount of water you drink and make sure you are eating a balanced diet. Both of those habits will have more bearing on your dental health than you realize.


More and more patients and dental professionals are changing their minds about the best way to treat periodontal gum disease at home. Instead of commercially made toothpaste the focus is now on fluoride free toothpaste. One natural gum disease cure and prevention option that employs the power of natural botanical oils is OraMD. While not in paste form, this unique oil is wonderful for a gum disease cure.



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