Prevent Gum Disease Naturally

So many people after leaving the dentist’s office, when they bother to go, often ignore all of the how to fight gum disease information they are given and continue to follow their same old bad habits. The truth is no matter how hard the dental community tries to make the general public understand how important it is to prevent gum disease; it just doesn’t seem to be getting through. In reality the majority of adults will have to face this problem and then the topic of conversation is how to cure gingivitis instead of just prevent it. It really doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s take a deeper look at the stages of periodontal disease and look at some easy ways to stop gingivitis gum disease from happening to you.


  • early stages of gum disease
  • advanced gum disease symptoms
  • using natural ingredients in your prevention plan


The early stages of gum disease can be easy to miss. Most people will notice an increased sensitivity along the gum line, especially to hot or cold foods or drinks. There is also the possibility of bleeding gums and bad breath. Some people think bleeding gums are a sign that the teeth are really clean – nope, this is a sign of a problem. Your gums should never bleed. Early, swift treatment of periodontal disease can stop this symptom before they start and save a lot of headaches later.


As the gum disease problem progresses, the bad breath problem gets worse and your receding gums are going to have pockets of infection visible for the whole world to see. The bad breath caused by the bacteria is fueled by the dry mouth environment, which is perfect for the bacteria. The bacteria then continue its assault on your gums, resulting in loose or lost teeth. Gum disease treatment becomes more and more invasive the longer you allow this disease to run rampant in your mouth. The standard gum disease prevention measures like brushing, flossing, and seeing the dentist regularly can prevent many if not all of these things from happening.


You can help yourself prevent gum disease with one very easy to use dental product. OraMD is an oil based product that replaces your regular toothpaste and provides exceptional cleaning and healing abilities. Especially if you suffer from gum disease, this product is much better at soothing the irritated skin and reducing the damage of the bacteria. As far as fresh breath products go, this one is exceptional at that function as well. The treatment of gum disease has never been easier or more effective.



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