Ways of Treating Gum Disease

All you need to understand the importance of treating gum disease is to go online and look up pictures of this dreaded disease. One look at these pictures and your first urge might be to wrap your teeth and gums in some kind of protective coating and never use them again. Especially in the advanced stages of periodontal disease, the symptoms can create some rather unpleasant appearances and discomfort in the sufferer’s mouth. With the help of modern dentistry techniques, gum disease can be stopped regardless of what stage it has reached. Just so you are aware of the various treatment options, here is a brief look at some of the most common.


  • scaling and root planting
  • the pocket reduction procedure
  • treating your gums gently, effectively, and naturally


Even before scaling and root planting are mentioned, if your case of gum disease is minor enough, the dentist is likely to try a in depth cleaning and possibly oral antibiotics first. As long as all traces of the gum disease bacteria are gone, things should be just fine. If you need something a little stronger, your dentist will likely recommend the scaling and root planting. Of course it begins with an incredibly deep cleaning, with special attention to the gum and gum line. If the disease has damaged the surface of the teeth as all this is when the dentist will smooth over any damaged areas. The goal is to encourage the gums to grow back into their original position.


In more severe cases of periodontal disease, it may be necessary to go the extra mile with the pocket reduction procedure. This one is usually done when the gingivitis infection has created large pockets of infection along the gum line and further threatening your oral health. This technique is similar to the scaling and root planting in that it effectively eliminates all signs of bacteria in the mouth. Special medication is placed within the infection pockets to reduce and heal them.


Whether you are treating gum disease or not, many people have decided that the harsh, potentially harmful ingredients in commercial toothpaste and dental products aren’t worth the risk. Natural dental products like OraMD are fast replacing the standard toothpaste. Made with all natural oils from the mint and citrus families, this product is exceptional at cleaning and soothing healthy and gum disease damaged teeth and gums alike.



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