Reasons for Sore Gums

As if life isn’t complicated enough, you have to contend with problems in your mouth now. Who would have thought that sore gums would create such a problem for you? It’s just your mouth right? Well, yes, it is your mouth, but the important thing to keep in mind is that even that supposed little discomfort can distract you from what is really important. In order to eliminate the problem, you have to determine what is causing the pain and find the right solution to the problem. Before you head to the dentist, and you should if the pain persists, let’s look at some things that could be causing your gum problem.


  • one of the signs of gum disease
  • is it canker sores?
  • treating your gums gently


We might as well get the worst possible issue out of the way first. Sore gums are often a sign of gingivitis periodontitis. This incredibly common of dental diseases has been known to affect over 80% of the adult population. In addition to bleeding, sensitive gums, it also is characterised by chronic bad breath and a metallic taste in the mouth. Tooth and gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss and the need for dentures. If you have a bad breath problem along with sore gums, see your dentist to rule out the possibility of gum disease.


As unpleasant as canker sores are they fortunately aren’t a sign of gum disease. These white or gray sores in the mouth are thought to be caused by a virus in the body, but even the experts aren’t positive that this is correct. Dental disease is by far more serious. That doesn’t mean you should just live with the discomfort. You would be better off using a natural remedy for canker sores like rinsing with salt water to ensure that the area is as clean as possible.


Many people think that how to treat gingivitis is with strong detergents found in regular toothpaste and other dental products. Sore gums and even healthy gums will respond better to all natural, gentle dental products. The combination of citrus and mint essential oils like those found in OraMD is far more effective at soothing irritated gums and healing infections that the harsh chemicals found in commercial toothpaste products. It isn’t unusual to use pure oils in gum disease treatment options.



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