Caring for Sensitive Gums

There are few things more aggravating than dealing with gum problems. The gums are one of those body parts that most of us don’t think much about. It’s not like they are our thighs or bellies. Those are places just about everyone are concerned about the appearance and feel of. No, we don’t worry about the gums until they aren’t treating us right. Sensitive gums can manifest when you eat or drink something hot or very cold. Your gums may let you know all about it when you brush your teeth or eat hard foods like tortilla chips or popcorn. Regardless of how your gum misbehave, the smartest thing you can do for your oral health is determine why problems are present in the first place and the first place you should look is to ulcerative gingivitis.


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There is no way you are going to be able to fight gingivitis if you don’t know anything about it. The dental community has tried very hard to get the word out about this common dental problem, but they can only do so much. Gum disease is caused by bacteria in the mouth, given the right circumstances to run amok in your mouth. It starts out with sensitive gums, bleeding during brushing, and chronic bad breath. In the case of severe gum disease things get even worse. You can look forward to pockets of infection forming along the gum line, loose teeth, and changes to your bite. This is one situation you really don’t want to let get out of control.


Preventing this most dangerous of periodontal diseases is easier than you may think. Go back in time, pretend you are six years old again and remember everything your mother ever said about brushing and taking care of your teeth and gums. The crazy thing is she was right. It’s always a surprise to find out moms sometimes know what they are talking about. In case you are unclear on the procedure, brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss daily as well. See the dentist twice a year or as needed and be sure to stay hydrated.


You could try to treat your sensitive gums with sensitive toothpaste. Everyone can have a good time being sensitive together. Or you could try gum toothpaste with all natural ingredients like OraMD. It isn’t really toothpaste, but it will improve the health of your teeth, gums, and overall oral health.



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