OraMD Ingredients

OraMD Ingredients: All that you need. Nothing you don’t.


Peppermint Oil

This 100% natural botanical oil is a proven natural combatant to many types of the bacteria in your mouth. Since OraMD is an oil, it does not dry out your mouth like toothpaste and mouthwash can because it is not alcohol based. The oil seeps between the gum line and attacks your bacteria even while you sleep and provides additional support to fight dry mouth. Dry mouth causes the bacteria to multiply at an accelerated rate and must be controlled for good oral hygiene


Spearmint Oil

We use only the most potent and powerful species of all our botanical oils and our spearmint oil is no different. Like the peppermint oil, spearmint oil fights the 22 known harmful bacteria in your mouth, but when combined they make a synergistic and powerful product is made to perform to your expectations.


Almond Oil

Your body wants to heal itself. When you have a cut on your finger your body knows just what to do to heal it. Your mouth and gums are no different, and by using OraMD, with its almond oil you’ll be allowing your mouth to have the bacteria control you need for your mouth to heal itself. Almond oil provides just the right base for peppermint and

What OraMD does NOT have


Unfortunately, one of the best kept secrets in oral care is that fluoride is bad for your health. Not only does it weaken your enamel and cause your teeth harm, it also is bad for the body and can weaken bones and has been traced to osteoarthritis.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Also known as SLS, this ingredient’s only purpose is to make foam. It makes people think they are cleaning their teeth better because of the bubbles, but in actuality, SLS is also used in engine degreasers and other cleaning agents that are for commercial uses.