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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.




“My gums are 100% better.”
I’ve had great results since I’ve started using OraMd in January 2003. I had trouble with bleeding gums and ever since I started using OraMd, my gums are 100% better. It’s an amazing product. Thank you,


Oscar G.

“Cannot wait to go back to the dentist”
Hi my name is Wanda and I have been using oramd for 3 1/2 weeks. I have recession of gums in areas due to brushing my teeth to hard and using a hard bristle brush off and on during my adult life. I have switched to an electric toothbrush-soft bristles and using oramd 2 x day, with drops off and on all day, for the fresh taste. I can really tell a difference in my gums and teeth since using it. My gums are looking so much better, a couple areas where I have pockets look smaller, my teeth are not as sensitive, and it is great not to have to worry about offending someone with bad breath. It has also helped with my sinus problems, no more waking up with a sore throat or nasal congestion. It is wonderful. Cannot wait to go back to the dentist and see what she has to say.



“My mouth feels healthy and fresh.”
I’ve now been using Oramd for, heck I can’t remember how long, but I’ve been to the dentist twice since I started. Both times my dentist has told me how wonderful my teeth and gums look. This is quite a pleasant thing for me to hear because, I have always had reasonably healthy teeth and gums, but, I have a few fillings and have experienced sore bleeding gums at times. Since starting to use oramd, I have had no problems and my mouth feels healthy and fresh. I’m one of those people that my boss jokingly calls a dirty smoker, and I’ve found that my mouth is a lot less furry and my breath is definitely not that of a normal smoker. In a nutshell I’m most impressed and I will keep using Oramd for as long as I can afford to have it sent to me from way over there in America. Looking at the ingredients I can’t quite understand how or why it works so well…all I can say is that from my experience it does work and it does so incredibly well. Thank you!


Kind Regards

Judith M.

“They found no problems with my gums.”
I have been using OralMd now for about 8 weeks. I had bleeding painful gums and pockets. After 2 days of using OralMd my gums stopped bleeding and the gum pain was a lot less. Six days after using it I had a dental appointment for cleaning. They found no problems with my gums. When I asked about the pockets and the tissue depth they said it looked good. Since then I have notice continuous improvement in my gums and I now have no bleeding or pain!! I also have notice the space in between my teeth where the pocket was has shrinked.


I will continue to use the product. Thank you for this wonderful product.


Tina H.

“My gums are now infection free.”
Your product is fantastic. I was about to go to a perio specialist when I placed an order for your product. My gums are now infection free and pink and healthy. my teeth do not hurt and they are solid. Positivley no bleeding when bruching with my electric toothbrush. Why will a dentist not tell you about this stuff?


Your product really does everything you say it will do.


Thanks Norm S

“Everything you said about it is true.”
thank you so much for my order i have recieved it and wow it feels great .i have been using it for 5days now and everything you said about it is true i am looking forward to seeing my dentist in april for my descale and to her comments if my gums look as healthy as they are feeling right now ill be delighted just think what theyll be like on my next visit i will be re-ordering more at the end of the month i was very sceptical i must admit and only ordered 1 bottle but will be stocking up. the fresh feeling is fantasic and as you said you cant wait to brush thank you


thank you so much

vera w.

“I can’t understand why my periodontist did not recommend it”
I already left a message on your site to say that I have found your product extremely beneficial. I can’t understand why my periodontist did not recommend it to me (I probably can actually, I find her very unhelpful and unsupportive). Thankyou for offering me a lifeline.



“…INSTEAD of the poisonous flouride and had fine results!!!!!”

Yes,I just got it Friday 27,took a while.This stuff is all you claim it is,my dentist wanted to put me on a super-flouride-strength tootpaste and after brushing,LEAVE it in my mouth overnight to”strenthen”my tooth/bridge attachments.The usual dentist’s propaganda about poisonous flouride exists here,so I ran an experiment and used the Ora MD essetial oil instead as prescribed by you for 6 months INSTEAD of the poisonous flouride and had fine results!!!!!Great Stuff!My wife uses it now too.



“…and the hygieneist said my gums looked good”
I found your product on the internet. I was looking for something natural that would help my sister and I. We both have problems with our gums. My gums always seemed puffy or red. My mouth never felt clean. Even after I brushed and flossed. So, I tried your product. It was amazing. I couldn’t believe how clean my mouth felt. The puffiness has gone down. My gums are the healthiest they have ever been. (I’m 34 years old!) I hated going to the dentist. Even for a cleaning, because the exam would cause my gums to bleed. My last cleaning went great! No bleeding, and the hygieneist said my gums looked good!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have my sister and my mom using it. We are customers for life!!


Yolanda H

“I dodged the gum surgeons’s knife thanks to OraMd.”
Just a short note to say that I dodged the gum surgeons’s knife thanks to OraMd. I was threatened with a referral for gum surgery, unless my deep pocket recession improved. I started using OraMD in August, and by my December appointment, the swelling had gone down a bit and the pockets were decreasing. Not out of the woods yet, but with more diligent flossing and OraMD, I hope to keep dodging the knife! Thanks


name: Andrea Johnstone


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