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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.



“I was not going to go thru another surgery…”

All my adult life, I have had severe Gum Disease. I have brushed, flossed, used the little brushes to get in between my teeth. For the past ten years anytime I would eat anything I would be in the bathroom brushing right after, sometimes I couldn’t even wait until I was finished eating. I have used mouth washes that was so bad, it would make me want to vomit. I have a fear of Dentist. I have had visits where I cried the whole hour I was there, but I have always went to the dentist and always taken care of my teeth. My husband use to tell me that was why my teeth were so bad, because I brushed to much.


However, my dentist said no, that was the reason I still had my teeth. I have two bridges, one front bottom (4 teeth missing) and one right next to my eye tooth (1 tooth missing). All the rest of my teeth on the bottom are capped. I have two caps on the top. My gum disease had gotten so bad that I started loosing my teeth. Even though I take very good care of them, I did get to the point where I wanted to have them all pulled, but of course my dentist said no. I was so sick and tired of to cold, to hot, to hard to eat. All the dental work, getting my teeth cleaned every four months and deep cleanings at least once a year. And that was the only time my teeth didn’t hurt was right after a deep cleaning. But that would only last a couple of week, and then back to the pain. then had to face having the surgery. I don’t mean just one, I had to have four.


Three years ago I started the surgeries. It took 1 1/2 years due to insurance, to finish all four. One year ago my gum specialist said I had the gum disease back on my right bottom side, he told me this right before he said he was going to retire. He said he would do the surgery and then he could refer me to one of his colleagues. Well, He was one of the dentist that I cried the hour with and I just couldn’t go thru that again. So I just went to my regular dentist and told myself, do the best you can, and when they fall out, they fall out. I was not going to go thru another surgery.


Well, a couple of months ago I found your ad. I’m not sure if I was surfing the Internet or if I received it thru the e-mail but I thought, well if I don’t try it, I will never know. God only knows I have tried everything else. And it wasn’t as much money or pain as the surgery. What the heck, just try it.


Well, when I received it in the mail, I had forgotten all about ordering it. I tried it and … when I woke up the next morning, my mouth didn’t taste as bad as it did before. Well, I went and got that bottle out of the box and started using it every night before bed, and in the morning when I woke up.


My gums on the bottom were soft and mushy. Now they are tight to my teeth and for the first time in over ten years, I can now go to the dentist every six months just like every body else to get my teeth cleaned. If I start feeling my mouth get bad I use OraMD twice a day but most of the time I only use it every couple of day. My teeth are whiter. (I don’t use my bleaching kit anymore) The kit made my mouth sensitive, I don’t have bad breath, and that is a big thing with me. When I use OraMD it makes my mouth feel like I just had a really good cleaning at the dentist office.


My family has problems with gum disease. I have two sisters and one son who also are going thru the same thing I did. My son used OraMD and he say’s he can brush his teeth again, he said he quit brushing on the bottom, because he felt like his teeth were going to fall out. He said his teeth were so lose he could move them with his tongue.


So I gave him one of my bottles. He said his teeth do not bleed any more and his gums are tightening up also. He say’s he’s not afraid of losing his teeth anymore. I am so glad that I found OraMD. I am hoping I can save my family the money and pain I went thru.


Thank you so much.


“I had a real problem with gingivitis!!!!”

I go to the dentist regularly, every 6 months. I take great care of my teeth; brush at least twice a day and floss at least twice a day.


I had a huge surprise at one of my dental


appointments when my dentist sent me to a periodontist saying I had a real problem with gingivitis!!!! I was really worried. I was even more worried when the periodontist said I need all this surgery, and it would cost $2,400. I really couldn’t see how this had happened to me. My dentist always commented on what good care I took of my teeth. When I saw your e-mail in my box, I decided to take a look. Then I decided to take a try. I was really surprised that it worked so well. I take a cotton swab and swab oramd on my gum line. The dentist hasn’t said anymore about dental surgery since I have been using it. Thank you so much for your product.


Sincerely, Meg

“Seeing an improvement in our gums”

My husband and I have both been using OraMD for a couple months now and are seeing an improvement in our gums. I have receding gums so I’m hoping that continued use will bring continued improvement over time. We both enjoy your product. Thank you!


Gina M

“You will also get astonishing results!”

My wife and I went to our dentist appt, we both received our checkups. My checkup results were good, but my wife’s checkup resulted in periodontal disease.


The dentist indicated to me, that my wife had 7-8 millimeter pockets in her gums and that she would require some gum surgery to get it under control. My wife and I decided to get a second opinion from another dentist. We went to another local dentist, he examined my wife’s gums and he stated that her gums were bad but they would try medication for 30 days to treat the gums and an abscess.


My wife was taking the medication for about two weeks, and she stated to me that she did not see an improvement in her gums. I ran into Ray my close friend, and he told me about a product called ORA MD that would significantly improve my wife’s gums and teeth. He showed me his teeth from using the product and I can tell you that I never seen such pink strong healthy gums and shinny teeth! I asked him to get me a bottle of the product; I said to Ray at this point I would try anything to help my wife’s gums!


So we acquired the bottle of ORA MD, and we both started to use the product, and we were both astonished after one week of usage of the product our gums were pinker than we ever seen before, I also had an abscess that was healed in four days of using the product.


The following week my wife had a follow up appointment with the dentist, he examined her gums and teeth and he remarked to my wife your teeth look great! My wife asked the dentist if she would need any surgery and the dentist remarked not at all, I wish I had more patients like you who have gums looking that healthy! From that day on we became believers of this product, not only is our gums healthy, but our teeth are whiter than before! I advise anyone to try this product, and I will guarantee you will also get astonishing results!


Sal & Barbara, KY

” I can already see and feel a difference after just 4 days”

I was excited at the prospect of using your product as I had already read all the testermonals on your site. I started using your product on Friday Morning, the lump I had over the tooth I had a root canal has almost gone! I was surprised….My gums are everyday getting pinker and my mouth feels fresher. I can see a very small improvement with regards to the gum area where I have capped teeth, and I made my partner use it on Saturday morning and he noiticed a difference in the way his mouth felt.


Sunday my mother was complaining of a part of her gum being sore, she placed a couple of drops on her gum and within 3 hours the discomfort has gone. I am very pleased with the results so far and I am looking forward in seeing my mouth after one complete week. Thank you so much for this product I am not even scared of visiting my dentist this time as I can already see and feel a difference after just 4 days (today being the fourth) I will keep you updated of my progress.


Thank you once again



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“I had the healthiest teeth and gums that they had seen…”

My name is Sabrina and I have been using your product for a little over 2 months. I just recently went to the dentist and they said that I had the healthiest teeth and gums that they had seen. I thought that was great for not going to the dentist for 4 years. And they said I had very pretty white teeth. Thanks oramd


Sabrina, Ky.

“My teeth feel clean and plaque free”

I was expecting something akin to a toothpaste and was initially surprised at the strong taste, with no foam or bubbles one gets with a typical toothpaste. I stayed with it, and after a couple of days I was delighted. After brushing, my teeth feel clean and plaque free, and my mouth and breath feel clean and fresh. My gums are healthier and I’m confident that continued use of OraMD will help prevent gum disease. Thanks for a great product OraMD.



Lexington, KY

“…but ORA MD has changed my mind and I’m so very thankful”

I started using ORA MD about a month ago. A couple of drops on my toothbrush each time and a drop or two between brushings on the particularly bad gum areas. I quit using toothpaste altogether. I purposely delayed my next cleaning an extra month so I could get a test of how well, or not, the ORA MD would work for me. Well, today the hygienist and my dentist were both very happy with the condition of my gums! Believe me, that was a miracle for sure. For the first time in 2 years I had absolutely no bleeding! Previously I had a dark, purple area over a bridge that is now nice and pink. The number value given the deepness of the pockets around the teeth was lower! At my previous visit the numbers were beginning to go up, not down! (That’s NOT good)


There was way less scraping that had to be done (thank God, cause that hurts!). I’m guessing here, but it seemed the actual cleaning of the teeth took approximately half as long as previous visits because I had less to scrap off! I was so surprised (not to mention, relieved) when the hygienist said she was done! The hygienist even agreed to a little longer time between cleanings. That never happened before and wouldn’t have happened today if there had been the slightest problem. The fact that today it has been 4 months since my last cleaning instead of 3 was even more proof that something was going right in my mouth for a change!


So, I’m looking forward to continuing with ORA MD and at my next scheduled cleaning I expect even better results. I admit I was skeptical that anything could improve the condition of my gums, short of extensive oral surgery, but ORA MD has changed my mind and I’m so very thankful for that.


Thanks for a great product! I’ll keep you posted on its continued success for me.

Kay Gentry

“[I] have recommended it to my friends…”

I really like your product and have recommended it to my friends. The real test will come when go for my 3 month check up and cleaning, December 20th. I will let you know my results. Thanks for staying in touch.




“truly a unique cleaning experience!”

Yes I did yesterday…it is truly a unique cleaning experience! It is strange though to not rinse afterwards..? So far the results seem beneficial.



Contact me if any questions. . .

Molly T.

promo bottle
Our product works so well we unconditionally guarantee your total satisfaction with OraMD™ with our – no quibble, money-back guarantee – no matter how many you order.  

We have sold thousands at $29.97. Our extensive research and surveys show that we can capture evenmore of the market share by lowering the price to only $22.97. So we did!



Save even more with our quantity discounts.  

Order 1 bottle $22.97

Order 3 bottles save $12

Order 7 or more bottles only $14.14 ea. save $29.82

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