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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.




“would certainly recommend it to anyone with sensitive gums.”

I purchased the product because I have receding gums and, at the time, was experiencing a lot of pain because of extreme sensitivity to hot and cold. So much so, that I could hardly eat anything because the pain was so intense.


I must admit, I still cannot believe how quickly and effectively OraMD worked and continues to work. I faithfully used two drops on my toothbrush after brushing normally twice a day, and literally within a couple of days, my mouth felt great. No more sensitivity. My gums looked healthier and I could eat again in comfort. Plus, my breath smelled great too!

Although the first few times using OraMD sort of took my breath away, it was not long before I actually looked forward to that fresh minty feeling.


I am very impressed with your product and would certainly recommend it to anyone with sensitive gums. It is certainly nice to be able to eat and drink without so much pain.


Thank you.


“I have thrown away my tooth paste”

I am thrilled with this product! It promises to repair all of my dental problems I have been struggling with and wondering how to deal with, as in shrinking gums, ect.


I have thrown away my tooth paste and am using OraMD exclusively and am very satisfied with its performance. I can’t wait for my gums to fill back in to their original condition.


I am very glad I found your OraMD, and I am very impressed with the way you run your business. Thank You again,


Your friend,


“…it has prevented it from becoming any worse”

i must say, oramd has been working very well. it has not cured my gum desease due to the late stage, but it has prevented it from becoming any worse,and thats fine with me. its almost done, so i should be reordering soon. thanks for the great product, an im sure that their are many other satisfied customers out there. thanks again.



“After a few weeks of using ORAMD my sensitivity was gone”

My gums have been very sensitive for a long time. My dentist said to try toothpaste for sensitive teeth but that did not help. After my last check up when he did not notice my receding gums I decided to research gum disease on the internet (I am 33 years old and take good care of myself). Although I do not have all the symptoms of gum disease, there is obviously something wrong. Within my search I found ORAMD’s add that convinced me to try a bottle until I could find a new dentist. After a few weeks of using ORAMD my sensitivity was gone and I was able to enjoy sugary desserts again pain free. When the bottle was empty I decided to try a toothpaste for sensitive teeth again to see what would happen and within a few days my gums were red, bleeding a little, and sensitive again. I have ordered another bottle and look forward to receiving it. One thing I did not like is that my teeth started looking brown after a few weeks. I used whitening toothpaste once in a while and that seemed OK.



“This has never happened before…”

Hi. My wife and I have been using OraMD for a little over a month now. We like the way it feels after brushing, and I have no more plag deposits on the inside of my lower teeth. This has never happened before, and needless to say, I am very pleased with that. We just placed an order for more product.


Thank you.

Helmut and Anna W

“My teeth get cleaner than any toothpaste ever got them…”

I like your product so much that I hope I never have to go back to toothpaste. My teeth get cleaner than any toothpaste ever got them and my breath is fresher. It has improved my receding gums….although it has not yet corrected it, but you can tell that it is headed in that direction.


When I tell other people about it, unless they have a tooth or gum problem, they aren’t willing to pay the extra dollars just to brush their teeth. If I didn’t have a receding gum problem I wouldn’t have found out about your product and certainly wouldn’t have paid the extra money just to brush my teeth either. Now that I have tried and like the product I would because I think its doing good things for my mouth.


Thank you for your product.


“Thank you, thank you, thank you”

So, thank you, thank you, thank you for putting out such an amazingly effective product.


name: Dahlia S

“…teeth are a lot cleaner since I use OralMD”

your bones and Omega 3 6 9 good for Health (Brain Food).
Those are the only two you will need to keep you healthy.
I find that my teeth are a lot cleaner since I use OralMD. My husband going to start using it too.




“x-rays showed that the bone loss had stopped its progression”

Back in Feb. 2005, my dentist shocked me by telling me I might need gum surgery. I had been a lifelong flosser, and could hardly believe it! However, because I have no dental insurance, I went on line to investigate options. That is when I found your site. Of course, the web is glutted with “sure fire cures” that turn out to be rip-off’s. But what convinced me to try OraMD were a.) the amazing testimonials; and b.) the money-back guarantee. Now, fast forward to 10/31/05, when I had my first check-up since starting OraMD. Guess what? The dentist, who has a very busy practice, said that it had been quite awhile since she had seen gums as healthy as mine. Furthermore, the x-rays showed that the bone loss had stopped its progression. HOORAH! I could hardly wait to write to you to join the chorus of satisfied users. You have a fantastic product, which I now know from experience. Expenses aside, these results are far better than any dental surgery!


With sincere appreciation, Lee.

SF Bay Area, CA

“WOW! Problem solved”

Thank-you so much for clearing that up. Well, I guess I need not be worried then since you are the originators. I will be ordering some more soon because 4 people in our family are now using it, and one bottle is half gone! I do not want to run out.


I have tried using OraMD according to some of the other ideas you have mentioned too. For instance, we used it as a mouthwash to gargle with when we had the beginnings of a sore throat, and we were so pleased to feel instant relief! In fact, the sore throat feeling did not return at all. Then, I had some post nasal drip during the night, so I put a couple of drops on the back of my tongue as recommended, and WOW! Problem solved, and I had a great night’s sleep.


I am so very glad to have discovered OraMD. Thank-you.




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